Neat Links

Had enough of me?  No worries.  I understand.  Sometimes I have enough of me, but no matter where I go, I’m always there.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.  If you have to go, go check out these other writing websites.

Query Shark (link HERE)

If you are writing a query, this website needs to be read.  This is beyond mandatory.  You need to read and understand all of the archives (or “sharkives”, as they’re referred to in the blog.)  Yes, there are a lot, but the critical feedback and insight provided by The Shark is invaluable.  Even if you don’t submit a query, you can learn a lot by reading about other writer’s mistakes and successes.

25 Steps to be a Traditionally Published Author (link HERE) (This site is NSFW)

I somehow found this blog post.  No idea how.  I read this post at least once a month, sometimes once a week.  This post became my blueprint, and it should be yours, too.  Read it.  Go.  I’ll wait.  OK.  Did you read it?  Good.  Now go read it again.  Seriously, this is gold.  It is beyond gold.  It is pure, raw wisdom.  Tap into it.  Drink it.  Bathe in it.

Delilah S. Dawson’s Website (link HERE)

OK, so now that you’ve read the post above (hopefully at least twice now).  This is the author of the link, Delilah S. Dawson.  I don’t visit her website all that often, but it’s still worth checking out every now and then.

How to Put it Together in One Nice Neat Tweet (link HERE)

First off, this is not a Twitter tweet.  This is how to write a concise synopsis (or even query).  This is a great framework for both, and I highly encourage you to go check it out.  No fluff, just writing.  Read it and apply it.  It’ll make things better.

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